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The strength of our reputation is based on the range of our services and ability to successfully deliver, everytime. Any handled shipment or project work is protected by its own unique ‘cocoon’ to the required carriage standards, ensuring safe handling, from pick up and transport to delivery. With our full suite of specialist packaging solutions, your item will arrive intact, ontime and in budget.


Key services:

  • Certified hazardous packaging
  • Heat-treated wooden packing in accordance with export regulatory standard (ISPM 15)
  • Manufacture of export crates, cases and frames designed to withstand the rigours of
  • Waterproofed and lined export packaging to prevent water damage
  • Moisture retardant foil and vacuum seal
  • Material enhancement, including shock-proof foam sheets and blocks
  • Lightweight and strong packing to prevent excessive freight costs
  • Specialists in bespoke and out-of-gauge packaging
  • Pre-shipment inspection and site evaluation
  • On-site packing
  • Plastic pallets