HSM Global Ukraine Aid



The whole team at HSM have felt utterly helpless watching the events in Ukraine unfold. Many of our colleagues and friends have indicated that they feel the same, so we hope that our community can come together in an effort to do some good.

With more and more people being displaced from Ukraine and fleeing to Europe, we have made the decision to utilise our skills and knowledge to arrange for transport to send aid to a charity in Poland who will distribute donations. We hope that this will be the first of several runs. The UK based charity (Wonder Foundation (https://wonderfoundation.org.uk/As) who work with local Polish partners, have long done good in helping refugee women and children become part of the new society they join and get into education. They will be co-ordinating distribution of goods on the ground.

From 07/03/2022 until a date TBC, HSM are asking our friends and colleagues to make donations. Please get in touch with either Louis or Scott if you wish to help, or if you have any questions:

Email: louis@hsmglobal.co.uk / scott@hsmglobal.co.uk

Phone: +44 (0) 1403 269 403

If you wish to donate but aren’t in a position to deliver the goods to us, we will do our best to collect from you. We will also be collecting donations from customers on our regular runs around the country. Please get in touch if our vehicles regularly collect or deliver to you.

Thank you in advance.