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Aerospace engine transportation

HSM’s knowledge of power plants allows us to identify and work with the characteristics of each engine shipment. The outcome is protected and secure transportation of the power plant with minimal handling and maximum attention to detail. Aircraft engine transportation and aircraft component logistics is a specialised task that requires years of experience within the aerospace  industry and knowledge of the nature of the specific cargo.

HSM Global has successfully completed powerplant shipments to all corners of the globe. Over the years we have developed a unique operating procedure based on predifined guidelines developed through a huge amount of experience. All our personnel  possess in depth knowledge and experience of aircraft engine handling following HSM’s strict procedures.

Engine tarps and protective padding deliver maximum protection against weather and road debris. The end-to-end care provided means your serviceable power plant can be put into use immediately.

Aerospace component transportation and logistics

Our familiarity with aircraft components ranging from landing gear, thrust reversers, wing sections, ground support equipment, seating and more enables HSM to provide handling and load procedures specific to each type of component allowing us to provide seamless care.

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