About HSM Global – Our development story

HSM has developed into a unique company.

We have 40 years’ experience of working in operations, commercial management, global logistics, engineering, finance, aerospace and global distribution. During this time the team has held senior roles with clients ranging from independent groups to major blue chip companies and Government .

It is our can-do attitude that underpins our business culture and makes us stand out in this crowded market – no challenge or requirement is too much trouble.

Our attention to service appeals to clients who demand the flexibility that only a truly personal service can provide.

You reap the benefits of our wisdom, experience and buying power. Our network of global suppliers, appointed through the strictest of protocols, ensure that you benefit from local knowledge and cost. We have always believed that local knowledge is invaluable, which is why we have developed an operational network of joint-venture partners across the globe.

Our varied range of clients say that what sets us apart is our attention to detail, communication and service levels.

Our mix of experience, contacts, service and communication allows us to be where we are today